Peter’s Story

Peter Arthur Larsen

Beloit Police Officer Peter A. Larsen was shot in the line of duty on January 4, 1985, while responding to a kidnapping call.  Pete received two gunshot wounds to his head and was left comatose for 14 years until his death November 15, 1998.

After being released from the hospital in 1985, the insurance company for the City of Beloit wanted Pete put in a nursing home, even though his wife Pam wanted to take care of him in their home.  From that point on it was a constant battle to get Pete’s bills paid, even though it was all prescribed care.  This went on for the 14 years while Pete was living, trapped in his body.  Not only did Pam take perfect care of him in their home, but she also had to fight in court, find new ways to make more money through the business she owned, and spend valuable time exposing what was happening to them to the public, so that Pete’s bills would be paid.  She was under constant stress until the summer of 1998, when a judge ordered the insurance company to reimburse the Larsen’s for all they had refused to pay, ordered them to put $200,000 + in a trust account & for it to be replenished every three months for Pete’s care. Also ordered was for Pam to write all checks from this trust account for Pete’s needs and she could not be questioned by the insurance company for anything.  They were into their third month, everything was finally paid for and a burden had been lifted, when Pete passed away.  It’s very sad, but it seems that he stuck around for the fight & when he saw that “the right thing” was finally done, he left us.

Pete Larsen at a Wisconsin Badger Football game, just a few months before he was injured.

Pam Larsen tracing Pete’s name at Madison, Wisconsin’s Police Memorial.

After Pete passed away, Pam started the Peter A. Larsen Foundation for Fallen Police & Firefighters, so that no officer, firefighter or their families would ever have to endure the pain & suffering that she & her family went through.  She wants to make sure that a fallen officer or firefighter and their families are protected from destroying their credit, being forced into bankruptcy or having to make decisions based on money that can adversely effect their loved ones care.

A note from Pam:

Police and Firefighters risk their lives every day so we can live in a relatively stress-free, safe, happy community.  They deserve the same peace of mind, knowing that should they encounter a life-threatening situation, they and their families will be taken care of 100%.  As long as this foundation is kept viable, no one will ever have to suffer the stress of fighting with insurance companies or the city to receive their rightful benefits as I did.  This fund is crucial to help police and firefighters when they need it most, to let them know they are greatly appreciated for their sacrifices.

Thank you for your support!

Pamela K. Larsen
Wife of Peter A. Larsen

Beloit Police Chief Richard Thomas, Wisconsin Congresswoman Judy Robson & Pam Larsen at Madison’s Police Memorial.

Chief Richard Thomas, Congresswoman Judy Robson, Pam Larsen and Governor Jim Doyle.